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:: Wednesday ::

wOweE it's my first entry in my online journal thing!!! This got started cuza Robin and Kenny and Ming (he told me to do it a while ago). So anyways, I made this yesterday but my frist entry is today (December 12th 2001). Prolly already says it but sall good. Yesterdays orchestra concert was pretty cool!! I should go more often, you orchestra people have to invite me to go sometime or I don't know when you guys have concerts. (I think im gonna go to thea one in Chicago...Cherry said I fit in her suitcase!). But just in case I don't get a chance to go, someone has to bring me back some snow if it snows there aiite? Hmmmm today...what happened? I went to school and saw ScArY JeSSiCa and she hurt my cheeks...notice my name (Cheekybutt). OoooOOooo wut else? I read an entry of Robin's journal at http://www.livejournal.com/users/moonlightkitty/ and she's so mean!!! *See Sunday November 11, 2001 and Wednesday November 14* Gosh!!!
*mm-ah* went the little orange cat one day.
*mm-ah* went the little orange cat.
*mm-ah* went the little orange cat on day and his eyes went *mm-ah* too!
*beep-beep* went the big bad truck one day.
*splat-splat* went the little orange cat.
And his eyes didn't go *mm-ah* anymore, cuz he got licked up by a dog!*woof-woof!*
HA!! There ya go Robin...
Hmmmmm yea for anyone who doesn't know yet or hasn't gone to my website, Http://steponme30.tripod.com/ <--There it is!! I don't know what else to write. Swimming was tiring today too, cause the choaces made me swim with Sam!! Sam=Fast Person (Until it gets to showering) and Me swim with Sam = TIRED!!!! Okey, I'm gonna go now!! wOweE my spelling and stuff is actually correct!!! How amazing. Laterz everyone who's bored enough to read this!!
:: Stephanie 12/12/2001 05:03:00 PM [+] ::

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